Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Justice Fades To Gray

Meet loveable but quirky (and always hungry) Detective Molly O’Brien.
And meet her next assignment… a serial killer loose in Cranberry County, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
As the murder list grows, Molly’s problems grow just as fast; her partner Jake follows the letter of the law, and is ruthless in his pursuit to find the vigilante.
Playboy FBI agent Luke Foreman is assigned to the case and carries his own secrets.
A bumbling detective compromising crime scenes.
A hyperactive male dancer who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and worries he’s a suspect.
And a gun found by Molly in her best-friend’s closet that matches the one used in the crimes.
Molly soon finds the boundaries of friendship, romance, and the law tested as justice fades to gray.
This cozy mystery has a little romance, a little humor, a little bit of an edge, and will keep you wondering ‘whodunit’ until the surprising conclusion.
(This is a PG rated book, contains light romance, very few curse words, and non-graphic violence.)
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