Now Updated: This is an updated version to the 2014 book Girl Medic. This updated version includes shocking events that lead to the destruction of Laura's friend, and EMS partner. 

GIRL MEDIC -  Confessions of Chaos and Calamity Behind the Lights and Sirens.
Laura B Freed never imagined she’d be crawling into crushed cars to start IV’s on unconscious patients or crawl on her hands and knees through a burning house to locate possible victims.
Laura was a girly girl, loved all things pink and sparkly…and hated the sight of blood and bones.
Her life did not go as she had planned, because perhaps, life had a plan of its own.
She has seen the worst in people; she had seen the best.
Laura has struggled to make sense of death and in doing so, has come to the realization that in order to understand death, first, we must understand life.
Girl Medic takes the reader on a secretive journey behind the lights and sirens. It’s a true story about accidents and destiny, and illuminates how we can find meaning in tragedy, comedy in calamity, and of course, exposes the importance of wearing clean underwear.

Girl Medic was pulled from Amazon because they have confusing terms that constantly change and have treated authors horribly. They've grown too big and care little for consumer nor employee.
    Available on Barnes & Noble Nook for 5.99