Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! On Sale: Diary Of A Sassy Southern Bride

Happy New Year! Make this year the BEST ONE YET!!
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Every woman has a little Rebel inside...
Rebel Mae Calhoun writes a weekly dating advice column and is getting married to one of the richest men in Low Country; successful prosecutor, Barron Price. It should be a dream come true (despite the fact that her future mother-in-law gave her a gift certificate to Weigh Watchers as a birthday present).
But while most brides focus on planning their weddings, Rebel is suddenly focused on finding the perfect Southern food. She sneaks away in the middle of the day to find the perfect mac n cheese, the perfect ham biscuits, the perfect slice of coconut cake. She’s become obsessed with food and as her obsession grows, so does her waistline.
On a mission to save Rebel from outgrowing her wedding dress, her best friends - Dempsey and Katie Sue may or may not have accidentally killed Katie Sue’s husband Willy, a prominent District Attorney. After clobbering a drunk, raging, Willy over the head with a Tiffany Vase (a wedding gift for Rebel Mae), the friends decide to dump his body in his car and hide it in parking lot of a backwoods diner – hoping Willy will sober up and come to his senses.
But then Willy goes missing.
Rebel Mae decides to keep a diary in case she ever needs it as evidence to clear her name. As the best friends try to elude the police and solve the mystery, they discover that life is a comedy of errors, ghosts are people too, and that when life gets nuts, you turn it into a pecan pie and share it with friends.
Party comedy romance, part mystery ghost story – you’re sure to fall in love with the southern, Sassy Rebel Mae Calhoun and her quirky friends and family.