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A Celebrity, A Wish, & Spellbound Cake.

Curl up and journey to a place called Sugar Hollow Harbor where friendship, food, and fortunate events collide when Moxie Baker decides to flee her famous family and turns the town upside down.
For Moxie Baker (not her real name), growing up the daughter of a famous Rockstar and a 3 time Oscar winning mother, life was no picnic. Moxie longed to escape the celebrity shenanigans of her dysfunctional parents and her sister Harper - a spoiled wanna-be reality star.
When Moxie accidentally finds herself in Sugar Hollow Harbor, a sleepy town that promises: “You’ll find sweetness in our shadows,” she decides to reinvent herself. Ah – but the truth, and Moxie’s sister, threatens to expose Moxie and unravel her new, delicious life.

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                             Something Wishful This Way Comes...

Would you live your life differently if you knew that one day your deepest desire would be fulfilled?

Hollywood A-List actress Moxie Bleu is wildly successful but lonely. On the eve of her latest movie premiere, Moxie discovers she's been drugged and deceived. When a wizened old woman stops to help, Moxie finds herself confessing she feels like a fraud, undeserving of her fortune and fame. The woman offers a solution to Moxie’s unhappiness and with one wish, everything changes.

1958 homemaker Sadie Cooper is the envy of every woman in the cozy town of Honey Hollow, Pennsylvania. Married to charming Jack Cooper, the mother of two darling daughters, Sadie is well loved by family and friends. Lately, though, Sadie finds she is distracted and a bit resentful that she gave up a career in theater to get married and raise a family. One evening in July, Sadie’s sister, Kitty, talks her into visiting the old antique shop: May Contain Magic. The shop is rumored to be run by a family of sisters that have ties to Salem. Sadie soon discovers the meaning behind the name of the shop: May Contain Magic.

The next morning, Sadie and Moxie wake to find they have switched lives.
Sadie must navigate through the technological advances of the 21st century and Moxie's professional career –which is in shambles.
And Moxie finds it difficult to live in a world not constantly connected by the internet or cell phone - and that being an actress is a piece of cake compared to being a mother and wife.

Diary of Movie Star Moxie Bleu is a story about wishes coming true, the magic of friendship and family, filled with humor and includes a recipe for cookies that will surely bring a little bit of magic into every readers' life.

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Every woman has a little Rebel inside...  
Rebel Mae Calhoun writes a weekly dating advice column and is getting married to one of the richest men in Lowcountry; successful prosecutor, Barron Price. It should be a dream come true.
But while most brides focus on nothing but planning their weddings, Rebel is suddenly focused on finding the perfect Southern food. She sneaks away in the middle of the day to find the perfect mac n cheese, the perfect ham biscuits, the perfect slice of coconut cake. She’s become obsessed with food and as her obsession grows, so does her waistline.
Her best friends, Katie Sue and Dempsey, are on a mission to save her from outgrowing her wedding dress and in the process, may or may not have accidentally killed Katie Sue’s husband, a prominent, but drunker than a skunk, district attorney.
As the girls try to elude the police and solve the mystery before landing in jail, they discover that life is a comedy of errors, ghosts are people too, and that when life gets nuts, you turn it into a pecan pie and share it with friends.
Party comedy, part mystery, part ghost story, part romance – you’re sure to fall in love with the southern, sassy Rebel Mae Calhoun and her quirky friends and family.

A Wedding, A Christmas Wish, and Spellbound Cake by LuLu Belle Beaumont

A fake wedding proposal a few days before Christmas leads to Jynx Jingleberry and Sully Scaggs starring in a reality wedding show.
Jynx Jingleberry is no stranger to drama – a struggling fashion designer who was kicked off Project Runway for spilling wine on Tim Gunn and almost starting the Project Runway apartment on fire, is accident prone and has resolved to prove to her parents and the residents of Sugar Hollow Harbor that she is capable of success.
Scully Scaggs owns Scully's Pizza Palace and could use the 50 thousand dollars offered by the host of Wedding Games, Cooper T. Thompson, to help his pizza business and fund some of the crazy inventions he's dreamed up.
Cooper T. Thompson hates his job as host of Wedding Games – but he is up for a job at ESPN, and if he can win the ESPN producer's wife over, he'll have the job he's always dreamed of.
And then there is Moxie Baker – waitress at the SpellBound CafĂ© who has discovered a little magic of her own – and she believes Jynx and Cooper belong together and conjures up her own little spell to bring the two together, despite the fact they can't stand each other.
A Wedding, A Christmas Wish, & Spellbound Cake is a romantic comedy that may just contain a little bit of holiday magic.

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